11I am Maninder Singh Maan, 22 years old from Gehri Baara Singh Village in Maur Mandi Tehsil of District Punjab. Presently, I am pursuing BA from DAV College in Bathinda.  I own 80 acres of land in which we sow wheat, rice, potato and cotton. We sow 773 and 776 varieties of cotton. For rice we sow Yellow PUSA, ND-53, 666, 1121 varieties of paddy and for wheat we sow 2967 and 1105 varieties. We have all the modern implements needed for farming such as Tractor, Trolley, Disc Harrow, Leveler and Spring Loaded Cultivator. I only use non organic pesticides and fertilizers in my farm. I also took 15 days training from Bathinda for dairy farming.



80 Acres of Land.


Wheat, Rice, Potato, Cotton and Fodder for Animals


Tractor, Trolley, Spring Loaded Cultivator, Disc Harrow and Leveler.

Techniques Used

Non Organic Techniques are used.

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Future Plans

My future plans are that I want to prepare the seeds to be used for sowing the crops myself. I also want to learn new and advanced techniques related to farming so that I can increase the productivity and also the profits.


Contact Maan Sahab

Address: Village Gehri Baara Singh, Tehsil Maur Mandi, District Bathinda,Punjab.
Phone: +91 9478578509